Animal kids who like each other!

To Tali: Tar? - Ian

6th November, 2016
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To Tali: Tar? - Ian
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Author Notes:

Whitington 6th Nov 2016, 4:18 PM edit delete

Have at it people,
our world is in your hands!

Apparently South Park did an episode just like this recently but, but, like... I've been laying the groundwork for this since comic 15 so how about you back off, Matt Of Trays.

I want to really apologise for the badly drawn knitting in the last panel. I looked up reference, I did! But I didn't understand what I was looking it at what even is knitting how does it even work???

Cameo in there of BlackGeekygirl's Marvel Mouse, a character who I probably did not get the colours right on :0