Animal kids who like each other!

Relationships Need Space

15th December, 2016
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Relationships Need Space
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Author Notes:

Whitington 15th Dec 2016, 10:03 PM edit delete
Big version of Curt's brilliant, beautiful guest panels. (WARNING: Curt's gallery is NSFW unless your workplace is full of grimy edgelords like him. Oh Curt)

BLAHP! Look guys! Sonia! You know the character we introduced almost full dang year ago. She also existed as an idea way back in late 2014 when we were only really just warming up the engine on this comic. We've gone back and forth and back on how exactly to tell her and Rebekah's story and eventually settled on our usual standby of 'just throw stuff in the mix and see where it goes'. Expect Sonia in 2017! Expect Sonia and Amy's Mum!! Expect them to probably take over the comic!!
Expect them to maybe rent an office together and become private detectives?? I dunno, Scobell hasn't greenlit ALL my ideas yet BUT EXPECT THINGS BASICALLY YEH!