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Everything's Architecture!

5th March, 2017
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Everything's Architecture!
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Author Notes:

Whitington 5th Mar 2017, 6:47 PM edit delete
Aaaa received some amazing Ook art through Twitter lately but we haven't got it together to get them up on the tumblr. Logistics! Clearing! You know how it goes. I'ma share them here!

First up is a birthday gift from one of my favourite artists in the world Ian Vasquez. It's Hollow Eyes performing at my birthday party! Did I sayy birthday gift I meant birthday curse:

The second is a Cas I bought off another one of my favourite artists Zoe Moss as a birthday gift to myself:

We also got sent some suuuuuper good and cute and cartoony art from this cool new pal but they haven't even been uploaded nowhere yet. Aaaaaaa :v Logistics! Clearing!