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Amy Ook: Hatching The Monkey

30th December, 2015 in Side Gubbins
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Amy Ook: Hatching The Monkey
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Author Notes:

Whitington 30th Dec 2015, 3:27 AM edit delete
Hey gang! Happy New Year! Here's a lil' self-indulgent end-of-year project I put together this week...

A few months ago me and Scobell recorded a big, three-hour commentary of every Amy Ook strip up until that point. It was...uh... a bit unwieldy to share in that format so I've chopped and swapped a few nuggets from it into a 45 minute podcast which gives a more general overview of what it's been like making this strip.
This is my first time doing a big audio editing project like this so I hope it's entertaining and I hope I remembered to beep all the swear words and I hope I didn't use any of the clips where we misgender Cas.
Please enjoy!