Animal kids who like each other!


Comic Friends MS*

(Not For Babies) Kayla Komix
Very very very very good drawings and jokes about a curvacious bunny boy who works in a cafe!

Luna Phase
Two-panel adventures with the adorable Luna!

Nothin' Bunny
His comic's currently on hiatus while he does something secret and highly professional but please enjoy the gorgeous artwork of our friend Ian and get hyped for it's return!

Welcome To Life In Hell
I gotta say I'm really impressed here. I had no idea Matt Groening had got this good at drawing hot demon girls. Cracking such adorable goofs, too. Good on you for finding a cool new direction, Matty!

The Chanterelle and May Life
Same deal here, although these ones generally wear less clothes. 


Night Light
The vampire in this wears a hat. UM, pretty sure I never read about that happening in Dracula. Looks like Kelty didn't really check their facts before drawing this. Whatevs anyway it's good.

Those Unknowable: The Shadows Over Innsmouth
Althought the title is grammatically incorrect (it shoud be Them Unknowns: The Shadow Is In My Mouth) this is a comic that's had a lot of love and craft put into it. If I had to choose one author who'se work it resembles I would say British cartoonist Stephen Appleby because the two human characters bear an eerie cosmetic resemblance  to Captain Star and Science Officer Scarlett

Adventures of cool and memorable kid characters and the monsters who eat them! While getting the URL I saw that the comic's official tagline is almost identical to what I just wrote and now I feel like a hack :v

Counting Sheep 
These Sheep Are The Cutest Sheep

Bzatt Comix
Very lonely people whose only thought is to entertain you and their own loneliness and also they're not thinking about entertaining you (but they will!)

Finding Earth
Why find Earth when you could find yourself CHARMED BY THIS VERY CHARMING COMIC THO??

The infectiously lovable OCs of Noodle-Mage in a beautifully illustrated adventure! Hot dang!

(Not For Babies) AndyBoopandy
These characters are all sad and insecure and I want to help them but I can't. Maybe if you are sad and insecure reading these comics and relating to them will help you? Maybe in this way I did help you?! Maybe in this way I Am The True Hero


*Mega and Super


Fun and Games and Sometimes Even Both

(Not For Babies) Richard Goodness
Goodness isn't just a name to this creator of fine interactive fiction, it's a surname.

Wadjet Eye Games 
The best story-driven computer games on the market made right in the city of noo york. Arg, get me a bagel! I'm walking to work here! Call me a taxi you pretzelhead! Miriam, Aaa!!

Nostalgically lo-res adventure games set in a stunningly rendered furry cyberpunk world. THEY'RE SO COOL YOU GUYS!!!

Ben Chandler
The current full-time artist of th afforementioned Wadjet Eye also makes a heck of a good game by his lonesome!

This Australian duo make classic sierra-y games for YOU! And what have you done for THEM??

Owl Cave
Narrative games that are often spooky and always top-notch